Our Vision


Our vision is to be the Arabic Language educational institute of choice in London.


For some people, such as older learners, an adult education course can be one of the most important elements of their life. Their reasons for attending are many and varied, but the sheer joy of learning, the opportunity to meet people, fulfil a desire or expand their horizons through learning, is often expressed. We encourage this thirst for learning and want to ensure it remains a key part of living in a developed and civilised society.


Our values are derived from Islamic and western principles that are essential to creating a peaceful, safe and productive society for all through the promotion of:

  • Trust and respect – we aim to maintain an environment of trust by upholding the highest standards of Islamic and moral conduct.
  • Citizenship – we observe and fulfil our duties and responsibilities as required by our roles and positions within, and outside of, the college.
  • Accountability: we promote a sense of accountability and responsibility in all of our dealings, transactions and communications.
  • Learning: we encourage continuous learning, growth, development and improvement in all areas of life.
  • Care: we strive to care for individual needs by listening, communicating and acting effectively and conscientiously at all times and in all circumstances.