What is the Madinah College?

The Madinah College is an institute that offers a range of courses, training and workshops in Arabic language and Islamic sciences to provide a much-needed service for Muslims in Britain. 
Our vision is to be the educational institute of choice for Muslims in London. 
Our mission is to equip Muslims with the spiritual and practical tools needed to lead successful lives as true Muslims and valuable citizens of the UK. 

Welcome to Madinah College

The college is committed to a number of long-term aims that will result in positive outcomes for both individuals and society at large. It seeks:

  • To promote the learning of Arabic as a second language, so that more Muslims become skilled and proficient Arabic readers, writers and speakers. 
  • To instil a sound understanding of Islam, along with the ability to practice confidently in contemporary society.
  • To spread the message of Islam to non-Muslims in an educational and supportive environment. 
  • To provide the necessary tools for parents, children and young adults to be able to fulfil their Islamic obligations and civic responsibilities. 
  • To produce a generation of imams who act as effective community leaders and who call others to Islam with clarity and wisdom. 
  • To combat the twin enemies of religious extremism and anti-Muslim rhetoric with moderate Islam and the promotion of social cohesion.


The institute is pragmatic in its approach to serving the educational needs of the Muslim community in London. Its numerous ambitions will therefore be accomplished through the delivery of a range of courses, programmes and services, including:
  • An Arabic Language Centre, which offers Arabic language daytime, evening and weekend courses for adults and children in Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic and Tajweed for students at all levels. 
  • An Islamic Studies Centre which delivers structured daytime, evening and weekend courses for adults and children in Tawheed, Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh and Seerah for beginner, intermediate and advanced-level students. 
  • An Arabic Saturday School for young learners.
  • Extra tuition and supplementary support for students studying GCSE and A-Level Arabic.
  • A diploma course which trains Muslims to become Imams who will go on to deliver social services in UK hospitals, prisons and mosques etc. 
  • A publishing house that translates and produces classical and contemporary Islamic texts. 
  • A quarterly magazine that provides beneficial and unique insights into Islam.
  • The creation of partnerships with local educational bodies to increase the resources available for institutions that aim to facilitate the development of Arabic as a second language.
  • The monitoring and recording of educational progress and achievement through the creation of a system of examination and certification for all courses.


Our values are derived from Islamic and western principles that are essential to creating a peaceful, safe and productive society for all through the promotion of:


  • Trust and respect – we aim to maintain an environment of trust by upholding the highest standards of Islamic and moral conduct.
  • Citizenship – we observe and fulfil our duties and responsibilities as required by our roles and positions within, and outside of, the college.
  • Accountability: we promote a sense of accountability and responsibility in all of our dealings, transactions and communications.
  • Learning: we encourage continuous learning, growth, development and improvement in all areas of life.
  • Care: we strive to care for individual needs by listening, communicating and acting effectively and conscientiously at all times and in all circumstances.